On the south west wall of the church is mounted a ‘Calvary’ monument dedicated to 30 men who died during the First World War.  The monument was erected in 1919 by Captain and Mrs Peyton to commemorate their two sons who had fallen in action.

The donors expressed a wish that other parishioners would become associated with them in this matter, and that the Memorial might be one for all the men of the parish who had laid down their lives in the war.

The monument was described at the time as “the first figure of our Crucified Lord to be cast in England” 

In 2009 Dom Andrew Johnson researched the 30 men behind the names and they are listed in a booklet contained in the church.  This booklet can be found at www.kentfallen.com

In the same year Michael Peck produced a booklet listing the names, addresses and war graves of all those listed on the monument. This information can be found at http://www.roll-of-honour.com/Kent/BroadstairsHolyTrinity.html

In February 2015 the Calvary monument was renovated after grants totalling £12,000 were received from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the War Memorials Association, and Kent County Council.

The renovated war memorial was commemorated on 24th May 2015.